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Advancing the Use of Data for a Bright Mississippi Future
  • September 23, 2016 • The Mill - Starkville, MS

Mississippi is a national leader in the smart use of data for education, workforce, and economic development. The 2016 Mississippi Data Summit shows how a data-driven perspective is transforming the way Mississippians learn, earn, and develop their future. In addition to discussing metrics for policymakers, this Data Summit helps Mississippi’s workforce look ahead and plan to meet the demands of the labor market now and into the future.

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The Honorable Tate Reeves
Lieutenant Governor
Mark Keenum
Mississippi State University
Mimmo Parisi
NSPARC, Mississippi State University
Glenn Boyce
Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning
Bryan Wilson
National Skills Coalition
Laurie Smith
Office of the Governor
Rosemary Aultman
Mississippi Board of Education
Lewis Whitfield
CREATE Foundation
Scott Waller
Mississippi Economic Council
Andrea Mayfield
Mississippi Community College Board
Jay Moon
Mississippi Manufacturers Association
William “Skip” Scaggs
Monroe County Chamber of Commerce
Bill Hannah
East Mississippi Business Development Corporation
Mike Taquino
NSPARC, Mississippi State University
Jonathan Barlow
NSPARC, Mississippi State University