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Data Science: The Driving Force for Smart Cities
  • September 15-16, 2018 • The Mill - Starkville, MS

Sessions at Data Summit 2018 will explore how data science can lead to new innovations and processes within the smart city concept across various industries, including agriculture, communication and media, education, energy and infrastructure, and city planning, government, health, leisure, mobility and logistics, public safety, security and data governance. Legislators and representatives from multiple agencies, businesses and organizations, including many from outside of Mississippi, will participate in presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions — all focused on the invaluable role of data science in the growing smart city trend.

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The Honorable Tate Reeves
Mississippi Lieutenant Governor
Mark Keenum
Mississippi State University
Mimmo Parisi
NSPARC, Mississippi State University
Rep. Rob Roberson
Mississippi House of Representatives
Lynn Spruill
Starkville Mayor
Steve Soltis
MAS Leadership Communication
Judd Williams
Jessica Osaki
Matt Smith
Michael Baker International
Tony Sager
Center for Internet Security
Craig Sparks
C Spire
Bonnie Coblentz
Mississippi State University
John Campbell
Office of U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith
Robert Moorhead
Mississippi State University
Mitt Wardlaw
Southern Ag Consulting
Christie Lawrence
Surge Advisors
Tanuj Gupta
Cerner Intelligence
Drew Snyder
Mississippi Division of Medicaid
David Muns
Gulfport Memorial Hospital
Reuben Burch
Mississippi State University
John Forde
Mississippi State University
Ellie Banks
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Ryan Phillips
Starkville Daily News
Bill Martin
Mississippi State University
Sen. Brice Wiggins
Mississippi Senate
Damon Darsey
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Kris Graham
Taggart, Rimes, and Graham
Trae Sims
Taggart, Rimes, and Graham
Hal Miller
Mississippi Trucking Association
Matthew Doude
Mississippi State University
Art Spratlin
Butler Snow
Dustin Koehl
Total Transportation of Mississippi
Glenn Shreiner
Columbus Air Force Base
Eric Crosswhite
Rachel Carter
Mississippi State University
Lucy Allen
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Bobbi Nance
Recreation Results
Clark Swanson
Karyn Brown
Mississippi State University
Brad Pierce
Roger Grimes
Chris Meehan
Jeff Robbins
Business Communications Inc.
Rep. Scott Delano
Mississippi House of Representatives
Craig Orgeron
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Jonathan Barlow
NSPARC, Mississippi State University
Jennifer Gregory
Stennis Center for Public Service
Jacob Black
Mississippi Department of Human Services
Daniel Forde
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Jordan Rae Hillman
City of Jackson
Leah Kemp
Mississippi State University
Ivy Kelly
C Spire
Jack Allin
Wier Boerner Allin Architecture
Sen. Gray Tollison
Mississippi Senate
Andrea Mayfield
Mississippi Community College Board
John Kraman
Mississippi Department of Education
Adam Pearson
Glimpse K12
Lowell Matthews
Bill Martin
Mississippi State University


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Smart Communication and Media | Data Summit 2018

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Panel: How Data Are Transforming the Way We Do Business | Data Summit 2018

Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves | Morning Keynote | Data Summit 2018

Smart City: The Digitization of the Public Sector in the Era of Data Revolution

Mayor Lynn Spruill Welcome | Data Summit 2018