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An Ecosystem for Big, Smart, and Fast Data Economies
  • September 12-13, 2019 • The Mill - Starkville, MS

Grow your understanding of how data science is evolving smart cities into complex cybernetic ecosystems while networking with people from some of the nation’s leading companies and organizations at Data Summit 2019 in Starkville, Mississippi.

Connect with hundreds of colleagues across multiple sectors, along with dozens of top leaders and decision makers who will speak about concepts, considerations, and innovations in the data economy, during two days of practical insight and idea sharing.

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Congressman Michael Guest
Mississippi Lieutenant Governor
Mark Keenum
Mississippi State University
Julie Jordan
ORED, Mississippi State University
Kristin Judge
Cybercrime Support Network
Tony Sager
Center for Internet Security
Rob Roberson
Mississippi House of Representatives
John Forde
Mississippi State University
Sid Salter
Mississippi State University
Janice Zdankus
Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Desmond Dickerson
Cognizant Center for Future of Work
Craig Sparks
C Spire
Josh Sawyer
Scott Waller
Mississippi Economic Council
Ray Coleman
Alireza Ermagun
Mississippi State University
Farshid Vahedifard
Mississippi State University
Kathy Lester
Sacramento Police Department
Heath Patterson
Camille Scales Young
Cornerstone Government Affairs
Allen Parrish
Mississippi State University
Erin Lockett
Foundation for Excellence in Education
Carla Lewis
Philip Poe
Mississippi State University
Chris Buetti
Adam Boskovich
Martin Waxman
Martin Waxman Communications
Sumesh Aurora
Mississippi Development Authority
Cecil Brown
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Mike Mazzola
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Hani Elshahawi
Shell International Exploration and Production
Amin Amirlatifi
Mississippi State University
Craig Orgeron
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Jamie Ward
Center for Internet Security
Wesley McGrew
Robert Jackson
SphereCom Enterprises Inc.
Keith Tresh
California Cybersecurity
Aundrea Self
Steve Lockless
Trae Sims
Taggart, Rimes & Graham
Daniel Peterson
Mississippi State University
Barton Moffat
Mississippi State University
Chris Howard
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services
Stephen Morris
Josh Woodward
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services
Heath Ferguson
Baptist Hospital
William Sutton
New Summit School
Josh Harkins
Mississippi Senate
Aaron Duvall
Mississippi State University
Shannon Singletary
University of Mississippi
Kristi Fondren
Marshall University
Tony Luczak
Mississippi State University
Chad Green
Lantern LLC
Roger Grimes


Welcome & Conference Opening | Data Summit 2019

Bots and Deepfakes as Influencers in the Social Media Landscape | Data Summit 2019

The Quantum Day of Reckoning | Data Summit 2019

Transforming the Global Energy Economy with Data | Data Summit 2019

Bringing Intelligent Security to Big Data | Data Summit 2019

Deploying Machine Learning in Common Devices | Data Summit 2019

Welcome & Morning Keynote | Data Summit 2019

How Data and Technology Are Shaping the Workforce of the Future | Data Summit 2019

Wearable Sensors in Athletics: The Data Ecosystem in Sports | Data Summit 2019

Integrated Data for Community Resilience | Data Summit 2019

23 and Criminology: The Unintentional By-Product of Genetic Genealogy | Data Summit 2019

Great for Business: How Data Prove Workers w/ Disabilities Help Companies Thrive | Data Summit 2019

Lunch and Keynote | Data Summit 2019